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Author Unknown. Published in 2002. Public Domain, see the link at the end.

The Revolutionary War was fought for one purpose and one end and that is SOVEREIGNTY ! After the war, the colonies were each separate and Independant countries and still are today. Every FREEMAN 21 years of age or older who owned land and was able to vote was a king in his own home. He was untaxable. His land was untaxable and his income was untaxable. Nobody can tax the King, the King is Sovereign. The FREEMEN of MONTANA had long ago renounced their U.S. citizenship status in favor of being an American National (Different From a State Citizen, But Similar). They severed all contracts with the government so they would not be under itís jurisdiction. The U.S. government is a Foreign Corporation with respect to a state. A corporation cannot have citizens, only franchises. When you except a social security # or you register to vote , you elect to be a U.S citizen, which the courts have ruled is of SUBJECT STATUS, Not SOVEREIGN. So after having renounced their U.S. citizenship, they then attempted to set up a township. Using proper methods, with an understanding of the laws involved, they were competent, knowledgable and lawfully able to set up a township, after all, who set up the township you live in or the one up the road ? Someone or some people have to be able to set it up. In a TOWNSHIP, you may have a COURT. Who do you think set up the court in your community or town ? God ? No, people did. Someone with the proper authority. Who has the authority to set up a court ? Who is the government ? WE THE PEOPLE ARE !!! Not U.S. citizens, but state citizens or maybe American Nationals. George Washington was not a U.S. citizen, he was a state Citizen of Virginia. Do you think the IRS was going around telling Washington or Jefferson to pay their taxes or forfeit their land ? Of course not!! That is why we fought the war!!! You need to know what is a Common law or COMMERCIAL LIEN. This may be the Light Saber that slew Darth Vader and took down the Empire in one swipe. The entire legal system in America is based on certain principles. Not to sound religious but the truth is that these principles come to us from the Bible. Our organic law in America comes from the Magna Carta and the Bible. Even going back to the bible, if someone wronged you, you would present them with a "Commercial Affidavit" to seek remedy or recourse. This is your complaint that they wronged you, but that you intend to straighten it out with them and this is your attempt. At this time , they now have X number of days to respond (usually 10 or 20),and if they don't respond in that time then you win the contest by default. Now that you won the contest and you know you were right you can sue for damages by placing a Lien on their ass or assetts. You can now claim that you are taking their property or car or whatever as a security against the judgement. You present them with the Lien, they ignore it, they lose by default and you now own everything you named in the Lien. Take the IRS for example: And remember, everything works on presumption. The IRS presumes you are a U.S. citizen and owe $50,000 to the IRS for taxes. They don't send you proof, just a notice that you owe and to pay this amount. That is their informing you of the wrong that youíve done. The next letter comes informing you of their intent to place a Lien on your property unless the amount is paid. The only way to refute a Commercial Affidavit is POINT FOR POINT IN WRITING. If you don't do this, you have just defaulted and everything the IRS said in their original presentment is considered true and that is how the court will rule. Most people never contest a Lien or even know how to do it properly. So almost everybody loses. But you don't have to. To understand the Liens a little better you need to have a clear understanding of WHAT MONEY ISÖ.Lawful money is Gold and Silver only. Paper is not Lawful Money. Federal Reserve Notes are NOT Lawful Money at all. Federal Reserve Notes are not even money, they are DEBT ! I hate to let you down, but if you have a hundred dollar bill in your pocket you are not A hundred dollars richer, you are a hundred dollars in DEBT ! Ever since 1933, the U.S. government has declared Bankruptcy and borrowed money from the Federal Reserve, a private (for profit) corporation with stockholders who make upwards of a billion dollars a year. The Federal Reserve Notes floating around represent Debt, or borrowed money. Borrowed money has to be payed back and the bum in front of Seven-Eleven isnít the one paying it back, you and I are, people who use the money, and each year that we pay interest on that money, we have less of it, not just the guy down the street, but everyone in the economy. There are several economies operating alongside each other at this time both locally and globally. One type of economy which has always been around and which is still in use is uses the CREDIT SYSTEM. We have been on the CREDIT SYSTEM exclusively since 1933. The CREDIT SYSTEM is regulated by the U.C.C or UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE. Along with the credit system comes limited liability for debts. If I take you to court and sue for a hundred dollars you are not obligated to pay me real money, you can use monopoly money (Federal Reserve Notes) or a Promissory Note, a promise to pay. That is what a Federal Reserve Note is, A PROMISE TO PAY. ---YOU CANNOT PAY A DEBT WITH DEBT !! You CAN DISCHARGE DEBT, however. Now, think about this carefully. If the Federal Reserve can print money, and loan it to us, Number 1: What authority do they have to print the money at all ?, and, if they do have the authority to print money, where is the gold and silver to back it up, or are they just printing it out of thin air ? Number 2: Why would we be obligated to use it and forced to pay interest to them ? Number 3 : What stops you or I from doing the same thing ? Remember, the government doesnít print the money, a private corporation does. Who gives them the authority ? Here are the answers : The government can contract if they want to to borrow money; itís a stupid idea since they can print their own, but for the meantime, while itís under the control of the Masonic International Bankers, that's what they are doing. The point is , THEY DO NOT HAVE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO PRODUCE CREDIT OR MONEY. The MONTANA FREEMEN had spent 20 years studying common law and commercial banking procedure and so forthÖThey had also acquired a very powerful book on banking that is not well known because they don't want you to have it, called the Bankerís Handbook Of Commercial Banking Law, which reveals a SECRET--that CREDIT IS CREATED WITH THE LIEN PROCESS !! This is where the Federal Reserve gets the authority to print X amount of dollars. Since 1933, the Federal Reserve has had Liens on the U.S. citizens and their property. From this Credit of a perfected Lien, they can then issue bills of exchange, documentary drafts or Federal Reserve Notes, which are the same. Consider this , the 1930ís, the Great Depression, a cattle rancher stuck in a position of needing to purchase food for his cattle, and short on Federal Reserve Notes at the time still had credit. His sheepskins are worth money and although he doesnít have it at the time, he knows he will in the near future. He canít wait to buy food so he issues a documentory draft or a promissory note for the amount due to the foodseller. Itís the same as a check. He doesnít need the bank to provide him with a check or even need to have it in the bank. Now, the foodseller takes a look at this piece of paper and says well it doesnít look like a dollar but it doesn't really matter because he knows if he wants some sheepskins he can redeem that paper for some sheepskins, or if he needs a boat and he knows that the guy who sells boats could use some sheepskins, heíll give the boat dealer the piece of paper and the boat dealer can then redeem it for the sheepskins. As long as people arenít issuing more credit than they have goods or services to back it up, everyone will be happy. If you find out somebody in the community is doing that then you don't have to accept his promissory notes and then he will have no customers and go out of business. Simple. In other words, WE DON'T NEED THE FEDERAL RESERVE !! Now back to the FREEMEN and what they were doing. The FREEMEN placed common law Liens on public officials, state and federal, including Judges and Sheriffs, The IRS, Large Corporations and The United States Corporation and everyone else that wronged them. Since none of these people knew how to respond properly, and also given the fact that the way the Liens were written, they were written as confessions, so whether they were signed or not by the party, the refusal to respond means acquiescence to the confession, the Freemen now had the government and itís employees Liened up to 17 TRILLION Dollars. Now, when you have had a Lien placed against you, you cannot obtain credit, buy or sell your house, car or any property written into the Lien. And the most devastating part is that you cannot, almost no matter what, ever have the Lien removed except by the party who filed it against you or a court order. If you try to get a court order to remove it, the judge will tell you he can't, it is RES JUDICATA, or ALREADY DECIDED. It is a bargain of the parties in fact and the government cannot keep you from your right to CONTRACT. Now that the FREEMEN had all of this credit, they started to do several things: They placed 200 million dollars in certified money orders to the World Bank to pay off the National Debt and forever bar the IRS from existence. They also started to teach classes at the ranch for people who wanted to learn and to pay off their debts. This is what Shweitzer would do. Say you owed the IRS $10,000, they would write you a check for $20,000 pay to Your Name and the IRS. The IRS would accept the check and issue you a refund for the remaining $10,000 and you could go the next day and cash it at the bank !!!!! This worked well for over 3 years and the Freemen took in millions of dollars, without a problem. You're probably thinking now, why did it work then? and what happened to make it stop working? Well, it worked then, the same as it still works now and always will. There is some speculation the government didnít go after them for the checks, but for something else, and just used the check situation as a confusion cover. The Freemen, in their pursuit of taking back their government, accumulated large amounts of hard evidence of drug trafficking by Montana officials. There was an elementary school with only several hundred kids in it, but there was cocaine in the school at the fifth and sixth grade and the Freemen had evidence of high officials involvement in trafficking. But back for now to the money issue. The fact of the matter is that all kinds of government and non-government agencies accepted these checks for years. Examples : In Sept. 1995 a Sonoma couple, Drehne and Sheila Pierce, who had an IRS Lien placed on their assets for back taxes exceeding $8,000, obtained a "Certified Bankers Check" from Leroy Shweitzer with a face value of $22,700, and mailed it to the IRS. Since Shweitzersís money order was for nearly triple the amount due, the couple sent a letter with the check requesting a refund for overpayment or Criminal Conversion will occur. Within 30 days, the IRS lifted its' Lien against the couple and mailed them a refund check for more than $14,000 dollars. A photo of these checks is included in the catalog for PROOF that this did occur. The IRS is not alone. Roger Leffler of Fridley, Minn., sent a $13,000 Freeman bank draft to his stateís Office of Child Support Enforcement for past due child support. The agency apparently accepted the check, clearing his account, and issued him a refund check for $5,712.72 and on and on the stories go. So, was it legal ? Well, is the Federal Reserve and IRS and what they are doing legal? Itís the same thing and it works because the system is based on it. The commercial Liens are often for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The amount of damages sought is at the discretion of the individual, but at the common charge of 5 to 10 cents on the dollar to fashion the Lien, the more you seek, the more you pay. They are registered under form U.C.C.-1 with the respective secretaries of state, and then are used as collateral, or as in most cases, commercial paper that is sold, leased, transferred for collection, or used to back up money orders. "Liened Up" companies and individuals have been known to buy them back at a fraction of their value in order to save money on legal costs fighting them, and escape related aggravation. Patriot community leaders suggest Americans are putting Liens against banks, companies and government entities and employees as a simple and effective means to redress grievences. Literally billions of dollars in Liens have been filed in the last few years. Liens apparently are also ending up in the hands of Foreign governments. Unlike banks in the United States, the intrinsic value of American-generated Liens is not disputed by most countries, many of which are buying them up as they would any other form of government paper. F. Joe Holland claims the offshore sale of this paper has become a cottage industry in the U.S. And according to Michael Overturf of Burbank, Calif.,who acts as an intermediary between citizens and offshore intersets and manages a "portfolio" he claims is worth more than $10 Billion, "the Process of liquidating the Liens is quite simple, and lawful. Say for example there is a third world country that owes debt to the U.S. government. They can rent or lease a commercial lien from us, and use it to increase or enhance their asset base, allowing them to loan money to people in their country to do projects. Now, if they purchase the lien outright, they can also go to the U.S. and say they want to apply this lien against their debt. They can also create letters of credit, or they can borrow more money from the treasury of the U.S., because they have increased their asset base. An offshore bank can add these Liens to their portfolios, and they actually become part of their assets. When they loan money or credits to their clientele, they are loaning from a credit base calculated from their asset base. They are using the Lien as an asset and Ďconsideration of a contractí". Do you know that an unprecedented number of politicians have announced their retirement in í95 and í96. Itís as if they're all flying south for the winter. Over 50 key politicians have announced their retirement and most of them have strangely commented that they want to spend more time with their families. Does this seem odd ?

Extended Introduction (June-July, 2001)

Since my last Introduction to the catalog was updated, I have been arrested 7 times. When I first started out on this path (deciding to learn about the legal system), I didn't think it would be such a rollercoaster as it has been. I have learned firsthand about judges, lawyers and other law destroyers. I have learned a whole sh**load in the last 3 years about the system and how it's a load of sh**!! And now, I am BACK to tell you all about it, and expose the rotten dirty criminals for what they truly are. I must recommend Eustace Mullin's "The Rape of Justice" to all readers at this point. This was my first serious introduction to how the system REALLY works in this country (Corporation). After reading his book, you may want to move out of the country!! But, then one realizes that they (masons) have made it worse everywhere else in the world, so there isn't really anywhere to go, except to fix the problem that we have in our own backyard. (The Courts). THEY are the real problem in this country. All of the affairs this country goes through (drug trafficking, assassinations, political scandals etc) are all the direct result of a criminal justice system gone mad! If the politicians were not able to hide their corruption behind even MORE CORRUPT JUDGES, then they wouldn't ever think of committing the crimes they do. But what makes matters even worse is that the judges are CORRUPT TO THE CORE. There isn't an honest judge in this land who is not corrupt. If you think you know one, then ask him if he owns stock in any corporations and if he has ever done anything in his career to help them in court. The truth is that they ALL own stock and the corporations tell the politicians what to do. So, ask yourself this : WHO DO YOU THINK IS TELLING THE JUDGES WHAT TO DO???? THE CORPORATIONS!!!! (Masons again, really) Who are the judges and are they really judges??? Or are they just commissioners??? How about "Trustees in Bankruptcy"??? How does that sound? Is the bar association really legal? Isn't it a monopoly? Is the Bar Association licensed to do business in your state with the Secretary of State? If any of this is true and they are not legal, not licensed, and they are in fact a monopoly, then how is it that they can exist and nobody can do anything to stop them?? And what, if anything, can be done to deal with corrupt judges, prosecutors and police officers, if they are "above the law"? Well, that is why the militias were coming together prior to the Oklahoma Bombing. To deal with this encroachment on our freedoms and liberties. But, the government, (or at least, criminals within OUR government) placed informants in the groups, set up false militia groups, and hired white supremicists and other brainless people to perpetrate crimes in the name of the militias in order to "smear" the idea of an armed resistance in America in the minds of the half-asleep public. They did a wonderful job, I have to hand it to them. The militias are almost extinct at this time, the patriot movement took a nose dive around 1997 and 1998, but then at the end of 1998, something miraculous happened that forever changed the face of America. --- ROGER ELVICK GOT OUT OF JAIL !!! - Since then, the criminals have called in back-up, have had to hold judges conferences and extra-judicial meetings, and had to plan every diversion strategy imaginable to convince the American public that what Roger is doing is "invalid". What Roger is doing is called "Redemption" and it is sweeping America and other countries at the time of this writing. At long last the people of America have "REMEDY". As soon as somebody stumbles onto something "valid" like Oxygen Therapies or worms causing cancer, they are attacked by the system as being "dangerous to society". They are usually brought up on trumped up charges, or something where they grasp at straws, like tax matters, and they convict you to shut you up and teach you never to interfere with their criminal affairs again. They did this to Dr. Hulda Rehger Clark, who discovered the worm/cancer connection mentioned in an earlier intro. section. They also did this recently to Ed McCabe, who has an even larger following, and teaches people about the benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone Therapy. Both of these people were charged and threatened with alot of jail time. Then , what they do is they OFFER you a deal, and they say something like "Well the judge could give you thirty years if he & Employwants, but if you take this deal we have for you, you will get out in 5 , be on probation, and have to piss-test for us for the rest of your life. And oh yeah, did we tell you that you have to wear a monitoring device, and report to a professional idiot every week and attend "reality restructuring classes every other thursday at 9:00P.M. and every second tuesday of the first month of each year FOREVER!!!" This is the sort of thing they LOVE to do. So be prepared, if you hire an attorney, to get railroaded and bent-over. But what happens is that when you speak out, they lock you up and that is the last anyone ever hears from you. So, for a long time, that is what the REAL activists and patriots in this country faced. Now, there is a process and an understanding that is changing the way people are treated in the system. For the first time in American history, the judges and prosecutors are SCARED SH**LESS!!!! -- If only the Montana Freemen had kept studying before they acted on their understandings. They probably would not be in jail right now. They were learning from Roger Elvick among other people, but Roger himself was in jail and hadn't quite figured out the whole game, YET!!! Now, since he has been released, they have tried several times to get him back in jail, WITH NO SUCCESS!!! He is doing everything he wants and living free and unhindered at this time. He does not handle federal reserve notes or "debt instruments" of any kind. He issues his own "Private Credit Instruments" called "Sight Drafts", or how he refers to them, "Business Plans". He is not actively teaching this to the public or any group of people. There are several people around the country that are in contact with him, including myself, and we talk and tape record the conversations and study the transcripts in small groups and by ourselves. He is a very kind person who would like to see us all get out of Bondage (Debt). I will attempt to describe a little about the process and philosophy, but this is not the place to teach it at length. I have put together some materials on this and they are available through the website. Basically, there are a few "key" points that have to be taken into consideration. 1. The Constitution was suspended in 1864 by Abraham Lincoln and Martial Law was declared. 2. The UNITED STATES is a Corporation as it was set-up in 1871. 3. You and I are the Owners/Operators of this Corporation. The IRS only recognizes two types of individuals. Employers ees. We have been using our Account Number as an Employee Identification Number instead of an Employer Identification Number. Social Security is a benefit and Owners/Operators don't seek benefits from their own corporation. 4. The Birth Certificate created a "Strawman" (Dummy Corporation) with your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. 3. The UNITED STATES went bankrupt in 1933 and pledged your "Strawman" as collateral against the debt. Ever since then, your "Strawman" has been bankrupt along with the UNITED STATES Corporation. 4. HJR-192 of June 6th 1933 made it against "Public Policy" to require gold or silver (substance) for the payment of debts. All corporations under the bankruptcy must "discharge their duties dollar for dollar". All corporations are "Trustees in Bankruptcy". 5. There is no money. It was removed in 1933. Now all we have are "Negotiable and Non-Negotiable Instruments". 6. A corporation cannot arrest it's members, but it can "Make Offers" to the "public". 7. The opposite of an "Offer is an "Acceptance". When you don't "Accept", you are in "Dishonor". 8. You cannot pay a debt with a debt and all of the money, credits, federal reserve notes, checks, money orders etc. are ALL debt instruments, since they are all borrowed into circulation. If you don't understand this part, then ask yourself this question : "Did you create that money?" ? If the answer is no, then IT IS DEBT, TO YOU. The only way we can pay is (WE CAN'T)...but we can make an engagement to pay by "Acceptance for Value". Then they have to adjust our account, because there is our remedy, since they took away our ability to pay with real substance. HJR-192 is the Insurance Policy. 8. When the state or federal government is making us offers, i.e. warrants, indictments, fines, tickets etc., they are making us "Offers" and we are "Dishonoring" them. BECAUSE we are not "Accepting" them. When we "Accept" them, and we ask them to "adjust our account", they now have the obligation of "settlement". If they refuse, then they are in a position of "dishonor" now, and they are stepping out of their bounds as our Trustees in Bankruptcy. Now they are the ones with a Tax obligation on their hands because they have everything "ACCOUNTED FOR" in their system. So, since we have actually paid in fact, with our acceptance, they are now "stealing the charge". 9. The "charge" they are charging you with is FINANCIAL. 10. Title 27 CFR Section 72.11 says that all crimes are "commercial crimes" and they are "crimes against the revenue laws".

These are very important points to consider before tackling this subject. I have talked to dozens of people about this and I have found that most of them look at me as if I speak another language. In other words, it ain't easy to understand. But I can say this for absolutely 100% sure : IT WORKS when you WORK IT. If you do not understand it, then DON'T DO IT. I have learned, after being put up against the wall, that you should only do what you understand when it comes to these matters. If you don't, then they will see right through you, because they tested me, and God knows they test others as well. They will put you through what is known as "Trail by fire". If you are a witch, then you will burn, plain and simple. (If you know what I mean). The system cannot afford at any cost whatsoever, to let this get out and become overwhelmingly popular. From what I have witnessed and experienced firsthand, it won't. The main reason being that it is too complicated for most people to understand. Not that you have to be a rocket sceintist, but you have to "adjust" your way of thinking more than anything. "Money" is actually "debt" unless it has been "redeemed", and alot of people cannot grasp this one simple concept. So, how did this all come about, why was he in jail in the first place, and what happened to make him realize that he was onto the truth, while facing unsurmounting pressure from the criminal system? It was the Montana Freeman deal about the "asking for a refund". They knew what Roger meant (to adjust his account) but they tried to keep the "cat in the bag" so to speak, and threw him in jail for a few years. This was before the Freemen incident in 1996. So, while he was in jail, a fellow came to him with an IRS problem and Roger told him to "Accept" it. He did. It was for $97,000 Federal Tax Lien they were going to put on him. When he "Accepted" it for Value, they "adjusted his account". Then they sent him a bill for child support for $7,000. Roger told him, instead of Accepting this one, they would tell the Child Support agency to take the $7000 out of the Federal Tax Lien that he had accepted for value. They did this and the IRS sent

him an adjusted account telling him he had $90,000.00 left over. That is because when he accepted the Lien, he owned it, now it becomes a credit (a true private credit). So when the Child Support went after him, he told them to take their share out of his adjusted tax lien balance. Now, I can already hear the wives and ladies yelling "well the guy just got out of paying child support. He's a rotten father and the wife never got a dime and he got off scott free!". That's not how this works at all, though. - The fellow was very happy. He asked Roger what happened and Roger told him to write a letter to his ex-wife and ask her what happened. So he did and he got a letter back thanking him for the child support payments and bringing the accounts up to date. She told him she got all the back child support from the Treasury and she was getting checks every other week or something to that effect. She sent him pictures of the kids and everything, and previously she hadn't communicated with him since he went to jail. Now, you, the reader, are probably wondering.....how on earth did she get paid??? -- The way it works, without going into great detail is actually pretty simple. When they do their job, (our fiduciaries, or the ones holding our money) everyone gets paid and everything works out beautiful. When the corporation gets an "acceptance" it becomes worth the value of the bill presented. They can then take it to the IRS and present it to them as an offset of their own tax liability. When we tender a "private draft" to a corporation, we give them our UCC-1 registration number (our tax "exemption") and they give us their "deduction". There is an equal exchange and everyone is happy. This doesn' t always work out this way though, because there are alot of people within the system that don't understand this material. Next, you are probably thinking, "well, is there anyone within the system that understands this material?" and how do you know they understand it?" The answer is that they are taught (lawyers, prosecutors and judges) about the UCC and they are instructed in the Bar Association Study Guide as to Offer and Acceptance, the Right of Redemption, etc. The accountants in the back room of the corporations understand "acceptance" and all the contract material. But there are several things that one must consider as well. Roger has come to an understanding that nobody in this country had realized up until now. That EVERYTHING in the system is "PUBLIC" and we are born "PRIVATE". But then we become "public" by various means, contracts, associations etc. Therefore EVERY time we enter a court and use statutory laws, codes, or any of the corporations regulations, we are admitting that we are bound to their corporation codes etc. and we admit we are empoyees, and not the Owner/Operator. Remember...in the constitution where it says that the "...legislature, and all the judges shall be bound thereby..."... but it doesn't say anything about "we the people" being bound. They are the ones who work for us and those are their rules and codes and regulations...FOR THEM TO FOLLOW. When we follow them, we admit we are as ":COMMON" as they are. This is the difference between "Preferred Stock" and "Common Stock". Only the Owner holds the preferred stock, everyone else has common stock. This also relates to common law as well. Now, when we go into court, it is only in our "Public Business" capacity. To see if there is anyone who has a claim against us. When you are in court, you must realize that it is a "bankruptcy court" and you are there as a creditor or as a debtor. Now, since the corporation went bankrupt in 1933 and so did your strawman....when the system presented you with that warrant or whatever, it had your strawman's name on it, not your's. Was it in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS? Or Upper and Lower case letters? Well, it pledged your strawman during the bankruptcy, so your strawman is a debtor in their eyes, unless you have made him your debtor by filing a UCC-1. So, in essence, when you are there, and YOU, the real, live, flesh and blood character, ANSWER, them (the fiction), you are "recognizing your accuser" and you are "defending' and now you BECOME THE DEFENDANT.

-- Would you talk to walls??? Would you listen to cartoon characters??? Well that's what you are doing when you respond to them, since THEY ARE ALL ACTING IN A CORPORATE CAPACITY. But.... I am Private. So, I don't talk to walls or listen to fiction. Period. When you go into court, the questions to ask are "May I have your name please?". Then ask "Do you have a claim against me?" Then ask "Do you know anyone who has a claim against me?" Then you can say "I request the Order of the Court(s) be released to me immediately. By doing this, you get right to the point. No Bull**it, no wasted time. The point to this is that when you are asking the questions, they are in your court. When they are asking questions, you are in their court. So, you never answer any question in court. Only find out who is the one coming at you. Then proceed to ask your questions. It doesn't matter what they say. Whatever they say can and will be used against them. Let them testify. Let them hang themselves. Give them the rope, and get out of the way, cause it's going to be BLOODY!!! The judge may even get some blood on his sleeve and try to get tangled into it. Sometimes they won't. It all depends on the situation, and how they feel that day...your manner...how much they have had to drink that morning on the way to the court to work....etc. But one thing for sure...THEY WILL LOSE EVERYTHING ...if you know what to do. It involves them going into involuntary bankruptcy, and that is where this get's really FUN!!!! They are also liable for the IRS taxes on their claims they are making against you and much much more. So, without going into a whole book's worth of essays on commercial law, I will get back to what happened to me. My girlfriend and I were growing cannabis for medical purposes and we both had doctor's recommendations, and we were living in Los Angeles at the time. I was running my Hemp Booth on Venice Beach. All of this is documented and reproduced in this catalog. So, to make a long story short, I ended up hiring a lawyer and pleading guilty with probation and the allowance to continue to do whatever I was doing under Prop. 215 as long as I didn't get in any other sort of trouble. (Yeah, right, like that was even the least bit possible) Later, as I was going through the agreement with the courts on this matter, an agreement to attend some meetings and pay a $500.00 fine, I learned about Redemption, right after Roger got out of jail and the American's Bulletin published a story on it all in the July / Aug. Issue of 1999. So I got everything I could get my hands on and started learning about it all. It helped that I had some knowledge from learning about what the Freemen were doing in Montana. THAT took alot of studying as well, around 1996, but eventually I "got it", and started to understand what they were doing with the UCC and negotiable and non-negotiable instruments. So then I moved up north. Then, at some time later, I did all of my acceptance paperwork with all of the people in my cases. I accepted both cases for value and put the court on notice of my new found position as the owner/operator of this corporation. Needless to say, this didn't go over very well with the judge. Especially after I sent him a "Bill of Exchange" (copy) with his name in the debtor location and listing "All real and personal property" as the collateral. So, I was sent a "Minute Order" to appear, which I subsequently "Accepted For Value" and returned it for "settlement" of my account. This led to a warrant being put out for my arrest. (I wanted to add something here that I feel is very important. I was advised by people I was studying with NOT to goto court on the warrant. That it would go away because of the acceptance etc. Well,. that may be fine if the warrant is in your home town. Then, most likely, you will be released in 72 hours as you should be. But, if it is from another county, like Los Angeles, and you are in San Francisco, and they arrest you, YOU WILL BE EXTRADITED back down to Los Angeles, and you may have to wait 10 days in jail before they ship you there. Then another few days there until you see the judge, and then "release" if all goes according to plan.) - At the time, I was under the impression that I has taken care of everything, and I was prepared in case they dragged me into

court. But, I wasn't prepared for this event, and I don't think you can EVER be. This paperwork was sent in around March 2000. Then in May, there was a knock on my door and it was a police officer responding to a domestic violence call in the building. (Part-set-up) So they knocked and since it was early in the morning and I hadn't had my wheaties yet, I answered the door, thinking they just wanted to know if the cannabis I was growing was legal (medical) or not. When I did, they ran the name to check for warrants, and lo and behold, my stupidity had crept in and got the best of me, for a moment. They took my crop (again!) and arrested me and I went down to L.A. to face 'da judge. This would probably be a good time to interject this one point. It has to do with the 72 hour hold-time and release from custody. You see, if they don't have a "charge" , or you have "accepted" it all for value, then they have to take it all off their books. THEY HAVE TO. Of course, we do have "rogue agents" and follow their own agenda, but more often than not, the fear of jail and losing all possessions even makes the criminals that run our system cower and run for cover when it appears that they are going down. So, what I am saying here, is that occasionally you will get "bluffed". And they will try to keep it on their books by making you a "new offer". This could be in the form of a action or statement in the courtroom. Even subtle. The judge asks you "do you want to goto jail right now?" "If you don't answer the questions that is exactly where you are going". So, no matter what you do, they may have it "out for you". In which case they will bluff their asses off to find out exactly how much you know, and to see if they can make you go back and take back your acceptance. They even tried to force someone to do this recently. But they didn't. When you are in court asking your 3 magic questions, they may try to stumble you. Roger has made the comment "They need you there to adjust the account from one side to the other". He has stated to the effect that "they may arrest you, take you into custody, book you, but then release you. This is them moving it from one side of the account to the other. The way the acceptance works, it is a "pass-through". So, according to Roger, they need your permission to pass through you, and that is what they are doing when they "hold you" for 72 hours. When they don't have a "claim" and you have caused them to testify to that fact, they have to release you. But THEY MAY lock you up for 72 hours. They have done this to at least 2 or 3 people that I know of, and Roger has said that this is normal. This is due to the 72 hour 3 day Federal Truth-in-Lending, for settlement of retail agreements. You see, when you are being locked up in prison, you are a commodity. They warehouse you and issue a warehouse receipt. The bond. The lawyer or prosecutor is the one holding the bond and holding you in jail for the liability or the "non-acceptance / dishonor" of the charge (due-bill). So, if all goes right, they have to release the property (debtor strawman) to you, the owner, when you ask for the "Order of the Court to be released to me immediately". That is them taking the debtor they are holding (strawman) and turning over the property to you, the rightful owner. Now, this is where it gets REALLY interesting, especially for all you economics and government students. Every time we do an acceptance, it infuses the system with "private credit". This hasn't been done since 1933. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY SINCE THE BANKRUPTCY, WE ARE PAYING DOWN THE PRINCIPLE OF THE NATIONAL DEBT. Clinton tried to claim it was him, then bush took the credit after he got into office, but the truth is, and always has been, that YOU CANNOT PAY A DEBT WITH A DEBT!!!!! None of the debtors (government employees or anyone for that matter) can pay down the debt, only WE, the people, PRIVATELY, can REDEEM the debt. So for the first time now, the national debt is going down and we are started to turn the tide of economic bondage in this country. ALL THANKS TO ROGER ELVICK. It took the right person, in the right place (jail for 5 years) at

the right time (year 2000) to figure all this out and when the truth is dug up and the history books are re-written to tell the truth, it will be known that the man who saved this country was Roger Elvick. There are so many stories of sucess that I can't even remember them all. But just last week, a fellow researcher and a friend of Roger, was in custody in his jail clothes in the courtroom. Asked two questions and the prosecutor called a recess. They came back in and the prosecutor asked to throw out all charges. The judge immediateyl said "case dismissed" and they took him out of the courtroom through the back door, put him out on the street and told him to change his clothes out there. Out on the street. They didn't even take him back to the cell or anything. (OUT YOU GO, YOU ARE NO DEBTOR!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? (Basically, in a nutshell)) And that is only the most recent success. There are many more stories just like this that I am not going to get into here. As hard as this is to believe, and alot of people ask me for proof all day long, all I can say is "You have to have faith some day". "One day will come and you will have to know if you do have faith deep down inside". "If you have been searching for the truth, then most likely you have found it." "If you don't believe in GOD and don't have faith in the spirit, and you cannot prove his existence, then please don't expect me to be able to convince you that the wind is all around you, even though you can feel it". Does this make any sense? In other words, without faith, if you need proof, then you may be looking for it the rest of your life when it was right under your nose all along. Everybody wants "proof" but they aren't willing to study the materials to see if it makes any sense. They aren't willing to goto court when someone is going to do an "acceptance" to see the reactions in the courtroom. In other words, "if you want proof, go out and prove it to yourself". I have proved it to myself by DOING IT. The system is always trying to cover their asses. If you could go down and pull the records, then they would be exposed. Most of the time, they play it off, so it looks like something else got you released, or there was an error, or they just never pursued it because it wasn't an important matter, or WHATEVER they say, they BLUFF and LIE constantly to cover their asses. Otherwise, as soon as you or your friend could pull up the docket and read that this is what happened and then it was all over with, that would indicate right away that this works, and so everybody and their grandmother would go out and do it and do whatever they like. So they HAVE TO BLUFF. IT IS THEIR NATURE TO LIE. When somebody does this correctly and they adjust the account, it is no longer on the books, escrow had closed and there is no more case. The record is sealed. All of the court cases are "open escrow accounts" and none of them have been closed, since none of the cases had been "accepted for value" until recently. Now, alot of times, even though you may have done the acceptance, they want to keep making money off you. They will try to keep it on their books, unless you let them know you are going to proceed to take them into involuntary bankruptcy, if your accounts are not adjusted. You see, there are alot of people doing this right now, and most of them DO NOT understand what they are doing, YET! So the courts are not going to just "roll over" when someone walks in and accepts everything. THEY WILL TEST YOU, SO STUDY THE MATERIALS!!!!!

Now that I have brought all that out, I can get back to "other" political topics. Medical Marijuana -- The Supreme Court just handed down their ruling against medical cannabis. Oh well, they won't be smoking any for any time in the near future, but that isn't going to stop the Bay area co-ops from staying in business. At least not the ones that have been around for a while. Hopefully it will cause the "other ones" to shut down. There are people who are "profiteers" moving into the Bay area medical cannabis movement. Some of these people are from the East Coast, New Jersey etc. They are setting up shops in the bay area and attempting to profit from the situation, thus leaving the real medical patients and clubs to take the blame along with them. They are selling

cannabis in any amounts people want to buy with no restrictions, and staying open late at night to maximize business. These people are ruining it for the medical marijuana scene and should be held "accountable". They operate like thugs and have "hit-men" like guys standing outside as security guards. These people are dangerous and should be dealt with. The police are already aware of them and investigating, but it appears that the situation will be causing a backlash by city council people and police. What exactly did the Supreme Court rule? In a nutshell, piercing through the veil of deceit...., they ruled that in a corporation, a corporation that is a sub-corporation, (Oakland Buyers Club) could not use the medical necessity as a defense to avoid being charged. 1. The suit was brought by Jeff Jones in the name of the OAKLAND BUYERS COOPERATIVE, being a "registered corporation" in relation to the mother corporation, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and the grandmother corporation, THE UNITED STATES, thus it is a fiction, cannot be injured or seek medical necessity defense. Did you hear them say "no government recognized medical value". That is because they value it at "zero". (Back to redemption). The Supreme Court admitted that they would have had a better chance if the suit had been brought in the name of the individual, instead of the Corporation. What they were really saying in essence, is we might have had a little more sympathy for your issue if you had brought the suit as a person (corporation), instead of a registered business (corporation), but then again...... Either way, it would all be "public" and part of the corporation, a fiction, a cartoon. My new name for the UNITED STATES is "Disneyland" and my new name for the President of the UNITED STATES is "Mickey Mouse", and the Vice President "Goofy". These are the characters running our country (corporation). They are nothing but CARTOON CHARACTERS acting like real people. GEORGE BUSH is a fiction, so is DICK CHENEY. They are not real!! But they are as long as we pay attention to them. My new resolution for the year 2001 is that "I will no longer listen to Mickey Mouse and Goofy directing my life in any way whatsoever." I think all Americans should consider this resolution. How much power do we give Mickey Mouse and Goofy each day in our lives. And WHY??? Sure, the corporation is important, but we own it, don't we? Or do we work for it? I am the Owner/Operator, myself. What about you? Are you letting Mickey Mouse tell you what to do in 2002

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