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Lincoln County Watch

Mission Statement

We the People of Lincoln County Watch, residents of Lincoln County Montana, invoke all our unalienable* rights as enumerated in the Constitution for the United States of America, without prejudice **. We are a free assembly of residents of Lincoln County in the Sovereign State of Montana, exercising our rights to freedom of assembly, discuss issues of concern, and bring them to the attention of the general population.

We believe the public has a right to know all the information pertaining to public safety and the rule of law in Lincoln County.

We support and advocate the Rule of Law, as is promulgated in the Constitution for the United States of America, rather than rule by men.

We intend to watch, document, and make public all potentially dangerous activity. This can include publicly observable violations of law, and actions or omissions of law enforcement and all other public servants as they pertain to public safety and security in Lincoln County. We intend to report what we can document to local authorities and also to the public, thereby sending a message to potential criminals that we will not tolerate unlawful behavior that places local residents in jeopardy of life and limb, or behavior that harms our general safety. We will do this in a lawful manor without violating any personal privacy of any resident.

There is no membership. If you are a resident of Lincoln County you are invited to attend and learn how to increase safety in your neighborhood. Education is a large part of our agenda of safety.

Our meetings are a free forum of discussion of the issues of concern to every resident of the area. Discussions have been lively, and issues are coming to light that have been obscure. Topics have been greatly varied and very timely and interesting.

This is a forum for residents of Lincoln County. No outside interference will be tolerated at our meetings. We may invite someone from outside the area to speak to our meetings from time to time at our own discretion. If you are a resident of Lincoln County you are invited, including members of the local press. If you are a visitor from another area you will be asked to introduce yourself to the gathering. No heckling or disruption will be allowed. If you can't discuss the issues with common courtesy and respect you will not be allowed to stay in the meeting. If your intention is to interfere with our calm discussion of real issues of concern to local citizens, that will become immediately apparent and you will be asked to leave.

We intend to support and defend the document We the People wrote to secure our freedom and safety, namely the Constitution for the United States of America, right here in Lincoln County Montana. We intend to exercise all the rights guaranteed by the Bill of rights or first 10 amendments of that Supreme Law and make sure that public servants operate only within the scope of that Same Constitutional venue.

To that end we intend to expose any and all corruption or lack of action by public servants that tends to decrease public safety, interfere with liberty, promote crime, or which otherwise makes our County less safe, especially from tyranny by government agents or public servants exercising usurped authority in conflict with the Constitution.

We intend to support local peace officers who are conducting themselves in a respectful and lawful way and are doing their best to ensure the safety of us all. We appreciate peace officers who work with the public in a reasonable way without intimidation of law abiding people. We appreciate officers and staff of local law agencies who will actually listen to the public and act reasonably and without arrogance when approached with a complaint or asked to investigate a situation of concern about public safety or violations of law observed by local residents.

Lawbreakers, you are on notice that you are being watched.

You are on notice that the People have had enough of your unlawful, harmful and criminal behavior. We will not allow, as far as is within our power, your criminal behavior to disrupt the peace in our county. If you have no respect for the law we will teach it to you by exposing your actions and bringing public attention to your dangerous behavior.

We are modeling our watch program on successful neighborhood watch programs in large metropolitan areas, where gangs and drugs disrupt the peace, and where criminals have been caught and prosecuted who previously had almost free reign in the neighborhood.

We will be using lawfully authorized radio communications to monitor the local peace at any given time, and notify many throughout the county on a moment's notice to bring many witnesses to document any situation that needs the attention of the public, and we will do this without any interference with local law enforcement.

We are upset and angry that crimes like the 11 rapes reported around the valley in recent months have gone uninvestigated and unprosecuted. We are angry with the dog killing, continuing drug violations and binge drinking parties where people commit suicide or beat up on others, and use date rape drugs to violate women.

We resent the fact that the people who are suspected of being involved are still free to roam and perpetrate their continued crimes.

In short, we intend to observe, question, document, and report any and all observable unlawful behavior in our communities county wide, while building a good working relationship with local government and law agencies, and with the proper departments of the State of Montana where they have jurisdiction in Lincoln County.

If you are a resident of Lincoln County and you observe any unlawful and dangerous behavior you are invited to report it, first to the local authorities, but also to Lincoln County Watch so we can document it with video, audio, digital photography, and witnesses. If police or sheriff officers are already on the scene we will NOT interfere.

We will not confront anyone, but we will document, and report such behavior to both the proper authorities and to the public using our websites and in person.

*Rights which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights. Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d 97, 101.

** Without any loss or waiver of rights or privileges.


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