There are none so blind as those who would not see!

The classic definition of ignorance is "not knowing what is required by one's station in life".

The classic definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result".

People of Montana, are you tired yet of your elected legislators fiercely defending their own ignorance?

People of Montana, are you tired of your elected representatives trying to apply the same old remedies while expecting

somehow, a miraculous new and different result?

Read below one very informed analysis of the current "freedom phobia" of some legislators.

Paul Stramer

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From: Elias Alias

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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 12:14 AM

Subject: Republican Betrayal

The depth of ignorance regarding what is happening to our beloved America, and by extension what is happening to our beloved Montana, is staggering. I have said often that the elections of 2010 were a Tea Party victory, not a Republican victory. But as I watch how so many RINO Republicans continue to vote with the progressive statists against the array of liberty bills in the current legislative session, I begin to realize that there was no victory at all, or precious little, in the 2010 election in Montana. Maybe a small handful of truly Republican Tea Party candidates managed to get elected, and each of those who remain loyal to the nation's founding principles is indeed a blessing to our State. But obviously some candidates were elected (and more were re-elected) who have no clue about our impending fate as Montanans caught up in the destruction of America.

I mentioned the word "ignorance". I will elaborate briefly. I can recall the Bush-43 Administration with its imperial police-state Executive Orders and unconstitutional laws, which set up the platform which President Obama is now expanding. I recall people in Bozeman approaching me and telling me that they had once thought I was "full of it" when I spoke of the criminality of the Federal Reserve System, Inc., but that "now I'm afraid you've been right all along".

Yes, I've heard that a lot over recent years as people in conservative circles begin to wake up to the sinister danger this illegal banking cartel has posed. And it is good that so many of our citizens in Montana are indeed figuring out that the Fed is bankrupting our nation as a whole and thereby threatening the several States which form our union. But very few indeed seem to be able to go further and realize the role the Fed has played in bringing this nation to the brink of destruction, and, for whom; and, for what purpose. It is indeed unfortunate that so few truly see what damage is being done at the Federal level, and at the International level. And it is sad that so few see how this shall impact Montana. The ripple effects are already upon us - loss of houses and farms, loss of jobs, rising prices due to the devaluation of the dollar, insecurity on all fronts, rising stress levels, fears of five-dollar-per-gallon gasoline, friction at home as families struggle to provide food and transportation, addiction to sports and other distractions, increasing crime rates, political conflict, general confusion and blanket ignorance. And foremost, a prevalent sense of denial.

I say that because until a majority of Montanans awaken to our impending peril, our State is very vulnerable and shall, month by month, continue to drift away from Montana's historic values, traditions, freedoms, and blessings of life. We are losing our way of life. Many reading this email know this, and fear that it is true, yet most do not know how to approach an understanding of the problem. That ignorance precludes any realistic solution, and we are now seeing a deliberate refusal by some of our legislators to even consider that Montana could be in trouble. Despite revealing facts of known history, despite Supreme Court rulings, despite countless quoted passages from this nation's founders, and despite my willingness to share damning evidence which proves my fears regarding Montana's future to be valid, we see so-called Republicans flat-out denying logic, history, and their Oaths to both Constitutions to vote across the aisle with progressive statists against such bills as Sheriffs First and the Fully Informed Jury bill.

These legislators seem to feel personally challenged to cling to whatever view caused them to vote against freedom and prosperity, and they vehemently defend their votes against our liberty bills. But their "defense" of their votes against the people of Montana will not hold water, will not stand up in the light of truth, and that is why I am predicting that it is a waste of time to invite them to post their comments over at PolyMontana where Dr. Ed Berry has invited them to put in writing their views and motives and reasons for voting with the Democrats and statist-progressives. (See below)

What is going down in Helena at the 2011 legislative session is heart-breaking. I am at a loss for what to say. This was the chance for freedom, for truth, for Montana, to survive into the coming generation. But many of the "R"s themselves cannot even see that vision, couldn't care less about saving Montana, and so they reach across that aisle to embrace the coming totalitarianism of the socialist-progressive agenda. Sadly, I do not think that they are doing this intentionally - I think that they are doing this in abject ignorance, which they adamantly protect as their vision by erecting a wall of denial which excludes anything the true patriots are trying to get into their heads. Two stand-out examples are Senator Jim Shockley and Representative David Howard - neither of whom can support their votes in light of informed knowledge which has been shared with them, and neither of whom is interested in even looking into the possibility that each may suffer from a misperception born of ignorance. And I can scream at the moon all day long, but those gentlemen are the ones who are empowered to vote against our liberty bills while all I can do is try to get them to see the light - in vain. Very well.

Because of this kind of hard-headed ignorance and entrenched denial, here is what I think we'll see for Montana in the next two to three years - I hope I'm proven wrong! Print this out for future reference, and remember old Elias sent it to you on this day.

1- The failure of the dollar and its replacement or modification into a "basket of regional or global currencies";
2- The implosion of the Federal Reserve System, Inc. and a run-up to hyper-inflation;
3- Government take-over of all infrastructure from communications to transportation to food service to energy etc;
4- Travel permits to cross State lines, coupled with relocation assignments;
5- Intensified government surveillance at work and at home;
6- Increased judicial powers;
7- Open presence of troops under NORTHCOM to secure public unrest - this will include foreign troops on U.S. soil;
8- State-sponsored "soup lines" or other Federal relief efforts;
9- Work camps overseen by military/police chains of command;
10- United Nations relief programs (which will destroy any sovereignty);
11- Rationing;
12- Curfews;
13- Conscription;
14- Civil War mixed/combined with Revolution;
15- A full-blown military-police form of government with suspension of the U.S. Constitution, suspension of the Bill of Rights, and suspension of habeas corpus.
16- The triumph of cultural Marxism and corporate fascism.

That is what ignorance in our legislature shall purchase for Montanans. The ignorance comes in many types, many forms. Ignorance of American history; ignorance of the Constitution; ignorance of America's military history; ignorance of the Tax-exempt Foundations such as Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Morgan; ignorance of the Federal Reserve; ignorance of the fraudulence of the 16th Amendment; ignorance of government-sponsored "psychological operations"; ignorance of state-sponsored terrorism and the so-called "war on terror"; ignorance of the so-called "war on drugs" and the devastation to our Constitution which has occurred under that guise; ignorance of the communist-socialist presence inside the Federal government; ignorance of the tentacles of the United Nations; ignorance of how money works and why; ignorance of the manipulations of the press and media; ignorance of the objectives of the National Education Association; ignorance of private sector think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission etc.; ignorance of the assault on Christianity and why that assault is ongoing; ignorance of this nation's founding generation's values and morality and ethics; ignorance of the term "personal responsibility"; ignorance of the value in liberty. There is a lot of ignorance sitting up there in Helena right now.

Yes, ignorance comes in many guises, is worn behind the appearances of many faces as those faces traffic the halls of our legislature. Ignorance, for example, allows a Senator to claim that the victory by the North in the Civil War is the precedent that the Federal government over-rides State sovereignty, "like it or not". Ignorance allows a Governor to say this on one hand -

-- Regarding Schweitzer’s declaration that he did not vote to nullify the Real ID Act, here is a picture of him signing "Montana's formal rejection of the federal Real ID Act into law". This was published on April 17, 2007, here:

From that article –

"'The best way for Montana to deal with the federal government on this issue and many others is to say 'No. Nope. No way and hell no,'" Schweitzer said. Montana is among a number of state legislatures throughout the country rejecting Real ID..."

And now the good Governor is saying this on the other hand - (same Governor):

From here:

"But a state like Montana saying, ‘We will pick and choose which laws we will enforce?’ " the governor said. "That’s not the American way. … "Some of these (bills) are actually passing. … The nullifying bills are anti-American."

Which is it, good Governor? To speak two opposites out of the same mouth is ignorance of the law, and indicates an even greater ignorance of a personal nature, does it not? And Montanans' lives and futures are subject to this kind of double-talk, sadly.

All of you so-called Republicans who voted against the Tea Party's liberty bills already, and who shall continue to vote against freedom and sovereignty for Montana, I'm forwarding to you now an invitation by Dr. Ed Berry of PolyMontana to have the decency to tell your constituents *why* you have voted against our liberty bills, and to make your statement in the comments section at the link below.

Begin message from Dr. Berry with invitation to current legislators:

Read who were the 20 Republicans who voted with the Democrats to not nullify Obama Care in Montana.

Forward this email to your elected Republicans who voted against you and who you thought were your Patriot representatives. Ask them to please explain the reasons for their vote in a comment on under the above article. Hey, maybe they have a good reason we are not aware of. We will listen.

Do it now.
Elias Alias